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The Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (Eiast) has announced the construction of a high-technology satellite manufacturing facility in Dubai. The plant, which will be completed in two years time, will enable the whole manufacture process of satellites, from design to production, to take place in the emirate.

In addition, two new Dubai satellites will be launched in 2017 and 2020 respectively, with the latter being entirely constructed in the new factory. Salem Humaid Al Marri, Director of the government funded Space Programme Department at Eisat, explained, ‘We receive a lot of orders from countries such as the USA, Brazil and many European countries, who ask for pictures of different projects and parts of the world taken by our current satellite. The demand for our pictures is very high.’

A group of Emirati engineers have already been studying the satellite manufacturing processes in South Korea. Despite this being an expensive process, the Dubai government aims to transfer the knowledge to the next generation and enable them to become world leaders in this high-tech and potentially lucrative niche area.

Al Marri went on to state that, ‘Currently, we have only DubaiSat-1 working in space. We are going to launch DubaiSat-2 in the first half of 2013. Once it is launched, the pictures taken by DubaiSat-2 will be of better quality and we will be able to take more pictures with two satellites operating than one.’

Top 5 restaurants with a view
Dubai undoubtedly has some of the world’s most iconic hotels and resorts. For those looking for something more intimate but just as unique, the city has a growing number of chic boutique hotels.

With the sandscapes of the Arabian desert as a beautiful backdrop, the Desert Palm has a stylish and modern interior design.

Nestled in a verdant palm oasis, Al Maha showcases the heritage of the Bedouin people.

The Orient Guest House is a traditional two storey villa offering guests a window into the the historic Bastakiya district.

For lovers of golf and design, the Montgomerie Dubai combines contemporary accommodation with an award winning golf course.

Blending Moorish and Andalusian architectural design with a modern Arabian interior, One&Only, The Palm is one of the Palm Jumeirah’s more intimate establishments.
Recent DTCM News and Other Dubai Events
UK Trade and Investment organized a market visit for 10 companies to attend the Arab Health exhibition in Dubai. DTCM Representative Fayha Sultan joined the group and arranged for them to visit the Dubai Department of Economic Development and the DMCC.

Environment Day gets Dubai to Clean Up

To mark the 16th National Environment Day, Dubai’s municipal authorities have organised a series of clean-up events across the emirate to raise awareness about the importance of preserving desert life.

Hamdan Al Shair, director of the Environment Department at Dubai Municipality commented, ‘The country’s desert is not a barren one but rich with different types of animals, birds and insects, and that is why we all have to keep the desert clean and protect the wildlife. The UAE has paid a great deal of attention to protecting endangered species and has achieved success with its programmes to protect and breed the Arabian Oryx, Arabian leopard, bustards, falcons and the Ghaf tree’.

How to get around Dubai
There are two types of residency visa for Dubai; sponsored by employer or sponsored by relative. To obtain the former, the company who employs you is required to complete the relevant paperwork, which will save you a trip to the Immigration Office. For the latter, you must have a relative who is either a Dubai resident or is currently sponsored by an employer in the emirate. In both instances, you will also be required to undergo a standard medical and blood test.

If you are successful, it is worth noting that if you leave Dubai and the UAE for more than six months at any one time, your residency will lapse. For further details please consult this web page .

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